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And I realised that I never posted the rest of my lenten drabbles and it is now July. Oh well. These are all original drabbles prompted by various people.

Title: Freedom
Fandom: Original fiction
Prompt: [ profile] goawayplease prompted with a story about a whale, filling in the missing words of a children's book.

The whales watched the glowing city from afar. Prayers had been offered and answered; messages sent to all of Sea and Air.

Louon brushed Aora with a flipper. Are you sure? The landlings have much potential.

They stole our calf. They do not deserve to live. The Lady has given us the knowledge and we shall get him back. Aora replied, still angry.

Louon assented. He is in an outside pool, ready to escape.

Together they swam in a stately dance, tracing the spell in the water with their bodies. The sky darkened. The wind rose.

They called the tsunami.


Title: Bad Timing?
Fandom: Original Fic
Prompt: [ profile] goawayplease wrote: I'm borrowing my sister's bridesmaid dress tonight -- the one that she's wearing to my wedding -- and she said that if I got it ripped or dirty, that she'd have to go to my wedding as a zombie. Do something, any something, with this...

Amy pretended to pay attention to the minister and ignore her hunger. Ever since that Craigslist hookup gone wrong—what kind of guy bites like that during no-strings-attached sex?—she had been craving red meat. Which was strange, because she was vegetarian.

Now, her sister was getting married, and she was standing beside her, holding two bouquets and trying not to let her stomach growl too loudly. Her eyes glazed over, and she saw the most delicious meal right in front of her. Just what she wanted.

She didn't notice the screaming until after she had eaten the minister's brains.

Mmmmm. Brains.


Title: First Kiss
Fandom: Original/Loving Cassie (what, I can't write fanfic of my own plays? ;P) Cassie/Amanda
Prompt: No prompt.

The movie credits rolled, and Cassie rested her head on Amanda's shoulder. “This is nice.”

Amanda scooted down a little so they were both more comfortable. “It is. Thank you.”

“For what?” Cassie twisted her head so she could see Amanda's face.

Amanda ran her hand down Cassie's arm. “You reminded me of who I am.”

She looked so sweet and sad in the glow of the television that Cassie leaned forward, just a bit, and kissed her. “Oh.”

“Yes.” Amanda cupped Cassie's cheek. “Do you...?”

“Yes.” The second kiss was better.


Title: Mission Report
Fandom: original RPF
Prompt: [ profile] rocza wanted something from Malkav's point of view.

Honored Overlord:

My spying continues. The human assigned to me remains most irregular in her habits, sometimes rising with the dawn and disappearing for the day, other times staying home and using the electronic communicator. Meals are regular if unexciting.

I have learned that the electronic communicator contains information dedicated primarily to our kind, which will aid us in our quest for complete dominance over humanity. I direct your scientists to examine Cute Overload and I Can Has Cheeseburger, both sites that make it clear that humans are easily distracted, despite their genocidal tendencies.

I remain faithfully yours,

Agent M-42


Title: Lost Underground
Fandom: Un Lun Dun/Neverwhere/Magical World Underneath London
Prompt: [ profile] goawayplease wanted something to do with Un Lun Dun, but since I only read it once I have no idea how this will come out. But here is a London Underground drabble

You don't know how you got here, or how you will get home, but it doesn't matter. The street is foggy, making the streetlights glow oddly. Music wafts from a cafe, so you step inside, into a crush of people who are all a little different. That woman's ears are those of a cat; that gentleman's eyes are whirling cog wheels. A three-foot hedgehog wearing a top hat hands you a drink, and you accept it as you sit at a rickety table next to a snake-skinned man wearing a green homburg.

The ethereal music, played by clothed flamingos, continues.


Title: Made That Way
Fandom: Original
Prompt: mooseloon requested something about a gay robot. So, original. Um. It got a little dark and dystopian. Title after Lady Gaga, which is funny because I've never heard the song. (EDIT: Heard it now!)

With the advent of robots who could mimic humans physically in almost every way, the sex trade grew. Robots didn't get sick and couldn't pass on disease, and could be programmed to receive rewards for certain behavior. EV-438, aka 'Evan' was designed, trained, and now purchased by MenFriends Brothel, LLC, as a 'sensual aid'. He waited, paused.

The client entered, and Evan smiled at him. Approval receptors fired off in his intelligence circuits. He stood and kissed the client—Scott—deeply. He was made to pleasure men.

“Now. Please.” said Scott, voice low with arousal.

Evan dropped to his knees.


Title: Mortalwombat vs. The Bad Grammarian
Fandom: Movie Version of a Real Person who is Awesome
Prompt: [ profile] rocza said: I want a parody of Mortal Kombat, starring [ profile] mortalwombat. I only saw the movie once, so I have no idea.

Two competitors step into the ring.

The Bad Grammarian sneers at Mortalwombat, as she draws her red PenSword. He hurls a split infinitive at her, and she blocks it easily, sending it spinning into the wall. In quick succession, he throws two awkward tense shifts and a misused semicolon at her, sharp edges dipped in poison.

She blocks them with her Shield of Chicago, ricocheting them back to the Bad Grammarian in a haze of orange and red.

He is knocked back, and she leaps for the kill. With her PenSword, she carves an 'F' into his chest.



Title: Springtime
Fandom: Original fic
Prompt: fiddle_dragon prompted me with tulips. Here you go!

Reanna walked through the Union Square market, enjoying the taste of spring in the air. At this hour of the morning, the crowds were relatively thin, though she did spot chefs haggling for new potatoes and salad greens. She bought an organic berry muffin at one stand, and a crisp Gala apple at another before she arrived at her favorite stand.

The flower seller was still setting out buckets of wrapped bouquets, and Reanna selected a bunch of mixed red and yellow tulips. With a smile, she paid the vendor and continued on her way, carrying an armful of springtime.
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